Born Global

Beta launch in AU/NZ & the world to follow in 2021.

Pandemic Pivot

Technology 10 years powering Suki

Take Off?

Hmm, when shall we launch Suki? I know...during a pandemic!

We developed Suki because we see a bright future for travel advisors in our industry.
To build a flourishing and successful travel advisor community - it's all about pairing great tech with great travel advisors.

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...with more to come

What's occuring?

21 Jan 2021


We're cracking open the champers, unclipping our masks and guzzling the bubbles! All aboard for a wild ride!

30 Nov 2020

Countdown has begun

Suki pre-launch checks underway. Essential personal ensuring all buttons are where they should be. Expected lift-off in Jan 2021.