Suki is designed to aggregate and normalise rich multi-day touring and cruise itineraries along with pricing and availabilty.


3rd Parties

Providing trip content connections with existing B2B travel industry partners.


50+ Brands

Aggregation of 50+ APIs (and growing) providing standardised itinerary feeds (tour, ocean & river cruise).


Branded Integrations

Branded and cut-down feature sets of Suki to suit your Intranet specifications.

There is only one.

Suki is the only global cloud-based B2B land, river & ocean itinerary aggregator. Launched in Jan 2021, with in-house tech over 10 years in the making.

Aggregation & Normalisation

Zero delay, search and filtering engine of over 10k+ trips from the industrys' leading Operators and suppliers.


CRM, Booking & Itinerary Apps

With one click we can send an XML or JSON itinerary via POST to your specified end point.



Suki isn't a booking engine or CRM, we connect our normalised touring & cruise data to your apps.

Flexible integration options


Quote Engines

Import full itineraries, inclusions, maps & ship data into your quotes


Booking Engines

Source the itinerary content from us, let your engine handle the booking.


Itinerary Apps

Rich multi-day touring & cruise intineraries content for your apps.


Value Add

Take your platform to the next level by offering your users multi-day product integration.


Top Notch content

Our in-house team of content editors add an industry leading normalisaton layer over all API feeds to ensure quality content.


World Class Search

Our optimized search and filtering engine handles over 250k+ multi-currency departures sourced from Operators around the world.

Register your interest

Do you want an 'Export to your App' option in Suki? Looking to power up your Intranet? Let us know how you would like to integrate with Suki.

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What's occuring?

21 Jan 2021


We're cracking open the champers, unclipping our masks and guzzling the bubbles! All aboard for a wild ride!

30 Nov 2020

Countdown has begun

Suki pre-launch checks underway. Essential personal ensuring all buttons are where they should be. Expected lift-off in Jan 2021.